Seeing things far off as a blur and things nearby clearly

With the series Myopia I show that we do not just read pictures but there are rules and codes. And these rules affect our look at the world around us and also our image of places we have never been before.

Year: 2015

Publisher: The Eriskay Connection

200 x 270 mm | 72p.

text: Jan Postma

design: Rob van Hoesel

lithography and print: NPN printers


Die Traktaat

the original copy /the copied original

It is about our memory of an event that happend a long time ago. It is not like most stories that are about good an evil, this story is about fact and fiction.

Year: 2011

Publisher: self-published

Edition: 5

Design: Janneke and Hillie de Rooij


Welcome to Tunisia

Tunesie Mahdia 18.12.2010 must see right now!!!


Every year the students of the Master Photography course at the AKV st. Joost go on a study trip. We decided to visit Tunis during the week of the first election after the revolution of January 14th 2011. This publication is a representation of the work students and teachers did during the week.

The film TUNESIE MAHDIA 18.12.2010 MUST SEE RIGHT NOW!!! is the result of my research of visual languages. In Tunesia I tried to discover what happens if you make a family holiday film, in the same way as the revolutionary films are made, known from youtube and the news.

Year: 2011

Publisher: AKV|stjoost

840 x 575 mm | 32p.

transalations: Meghan Rennie and Karim Gammoudy

design: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen

Print: Dijkman Offset


What to say about the other

Europeans' images of Africa

and Africans' images of Europe

The others are mirrors for the consciousness of the individual. The interaction between people is the place where culture is born.


What do we think about other people? What do we base our judgements on? And how are our images of the other formed? These are the central questions in our investigative project What To Say about the Other.


Year: 2010-2011

Publisher: self-published

Edition: 50

Design: Janneke de Rooij

Collaboration: Janneke de Rooij




sold out


sold out

Four young photographers investigated their future in the creative industry.  In what extent should the bow for the requirements of commercialism?

TOT consist of Iris Box, Hillie de Rooij, Sanne Maloe Slecht en Merce Wouthuysen. With a light and humouristic approach,  they focus in every project on the commercial aspect of art.




Year: 2012

Publisher: self-published

Edition: 100

Design: Ohyescoolgreat.

Collaboration: Iris Box, Merce Wouthuysen en Sanne Maloe Slecht

Format: 31,5 x 25 cm

Auteurs: Marten Mantel en Johan de Vos



All images © Hillie de Rooij

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